Not mailing frequently enough. 

When I first started building my own email list, I was nervous about sending out each and every email. “What if they unsubscribe?”, I would think. So I ended up sending out emails about once a month.

What. A. Disaster. People unsubscribed in droves, and a big part of the reason was because after a month had passed by, they forgot about me or just weren’t interested anymore.

Then I started mailing once a week. My metrics improved. Then I started mailing every three days. Metrics improved even more. Then I tested mailing every single day and saw no noticeable increase in my metrics.

When it comes to insurance email marketing, not mailing frequently enough can be a huge mistake. Depending on the sales cycle, waiting too long to send more information or ask for a phone call could mean missed sales. Sending an email every day or once every few days is enough to keep you and your company in front of the prospect. So when he or she is ready to do business, you will be the first one that comes to mind. 

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