Not segmenting your list. 

If you’re an insurance agent, you don’t want to send the same email to cold leads, prospects, and customers all at the same time. You are going to talk to a cold lead completely differently than a warm prospect, and your emails should reflect that.

With my own list, if someone demonstrates interest in cold calling (by clicking on cold calling type links or opting-in to a cold calling giveaway), I will send that person more material about cold calling.

If I want to test the waters and send an inbound marketing type link, I’ll do it. If the person engages with the inbound marketing piece, I’ll send more inbound marketing content. If the person doesn’t engage with that link, I won’t send anything else about inbound marketing.

The point is that I’m continuously and automatically segmenting my list based on what they’ve told me they’re interested in. The same idea holds true for financial advisors – if a financial advisor creates an opt-in for teachers and another for doctors, the list should be segmented as such. 

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