Using email only for promotion. 

Your prospects aren’t naive. They know that you are in the business of selling insurance.

Think of it this way – if you woke up tomorrow and didn’t see a McDonald’s ad on TV every twenty minutes, would you suddenly think McDonald’s went out of business? Of course not!

The same is true with your prospects. If you’ve made it clear to them that you’re an insurance agent, then focus on some other things as you nurture them down your sales funnel.

In my own email marketing, I talk about everything from Christmas morning to genealogy research to birthday parties and more. I let people know that I’m a real person and I engage with them. My emails are designed in such a way to elicit response. If someone writes me an email, I send something back.

Do I promote my own products and services? Sure I do, but not in every single email. If you’re an insurance agent or financial advisor using email marketing to do nothing but promote, promote promote, you’ll end up burning your list. 

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