Life Occurs is just a charitable corporation focused on assisting individual fiscal obligation is taken by Americans through the possession of including impairment, life insurance items and long term care insurance.

Life Occurs also attempts to advise folks of the essential part insurance experts execute in assisting companies, households, and folks discover the insurance items that best-fit their requirements. Life Occurs doesn’t recommend any organization item or insurance consultant. Its curiosity that is only is simply because customers obtain the protection they have to protect their family members as well as themselves.

To teach the public, Living Occurs uses a broad selection of communications techniques including marketing, customer-press outreach, academic applications in highschools and schools, public-company ads, educational brochures and movies, along with a wide selection of online and social media communications. Additionally, Living Occurs coordinates three business-broad recognition strategies: Insure Your Love (seen in Jan/Feb) Lifeinsurance Awareness Month (seen in Sept) and Disability Insurance Awareness Month (seen in May). Life Occurs developed the SaaS item Life Occurs Professional to help its objective of placing them straight into the arms of brokers and training the general public by producing its assets personalized.