Never cleaning your list.

It was hard for me to do this for the first time. I had worked so hard to build a massive email list and I didn’t want to see that number go down. Nonetheless, I had to purge my list.

No matter how good of an email marketer you are, there are going to be some people on your list that are just dead weight. These are the people who haven’t opened any of your last fifteen emails. Or perhaps they’ve never opened anything from you at all.

The sad part is that you’re paying for this dead weight to take up space on your list, and if your email software charges you by the subscriber, you can actually save money by getting rid of them.

I will send out one last email to these people – a last ditch effort to get them to read it – and if they don’t open it, I delete them. I would much rather have a small, engaged list than a huge list of people who never open my emails.

Mop used to scrub floors like an insurance email marketing list should be scrubbed